About the Church

About the Church

Our background

Great Ashby Community Church started up in 2006 as the Great Ashby Estate came into being. Two existing churches in Stevenage, Bunyan Baptist Church and St Nicholas C of E, decided to work together to establish a church that would be part of the Great Ashby community. A group of people from both churches agreed to become the first congregation and many of them are still part of the church here. Since then quite a number of people who live in Great Ashby have joined us. Our first Minister – Sue Hardwidge – retired in June 2016. In February 2017 Laura Gimeno joined us as Minister-in-training.

We’re not a ‘mega’ church (4,000 people, two tele-evangelists and more money than sense). Nor are we a ‘dead’ one – (three old ladies, a vicar and rising damp). We are committed to friendship, worship, discipleship and mission. We are not concerned about people’s backgrounds.

On a Journey

We are on a journey of faith as followers of ‘The Way’ (what Christians used to call themselves). Even though we come from different backgrounds with different life experiences, we have one thing in common: a personal encounter with the God of grace and love.

Dynamic Relationships

We know that Christianity is not about rules and regulations, but it is about a dynamic relationship with the living God and an exciting journey with Him who loves and cares for us. Oh yes, and as you can see from the ministry team we are quite in favour of women in ministry.

Standing Up

We have now completed the process of becoming an independent church in our own right. We are now properly constituted and formally a member of the Baptist Union. We haven’t made this move because we don’t like Bunyan Baptist Church and St. Nicholas any more but because it was always part of our shared dream that we would be able to stand on our own two feet.

Leadership Team