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Virtual Church 22nd November 2020

Welcome to our Virtual Church for 22nd November. This Sunday our service can be viewed on YouTube. We’re pleased to have Andrew Henton-Pussey from Walsworth Road Baptist Church share a talk on Acts chapter 12. May the Lord Bless you this week wherever you are.

Welcome Back!

We’re really excited to let you know that we will be back to in-person worship from Sunday 6 September. The service will start at 10:45. Please allow time to arrive, sign in, and be seated. We are asking everyone to wear a mask unless they have a medical exemption and social distance measures will be maintained. Unfortunately there will not be Sunday school for the first few weeks but children are most welcome to sit in the service with their parents. Though Church will look a little different than what you might be used to, it will be joyful to[…]

Virtual Church 30 August

Welcome to our Virtual Church service this Sunday which is available to view on YouTube. This will be the last service in this format as we are very pleased to let you know that we will be back for in-person worship from Sunday 6 September. If you would like to attend please email [email protected] so that we can reserve your place. For those of you who prefer to stay at home for now, we will be livestreaming our service. We will put up details of how to watch next week. This week we conclude our series on Colossians. You can download[…]

Virtual Church 23 Aug

Welcome to our Virtual Service for 23rd August. This Sunday we continue our series on the letter of Colossians. The service can be viewed on YouTube. We hope that you enjoy the service and find it an encouragement in your journey of faith. Below are a few activities for the younger ones: Song Col 3:12 Colour your world with kindness colouring colossians 3 v 2 colouring colossians 3 v 14  

Virtual Church 16 August

Welcome to our Virtual Church service. We will be continuing to look at the letter of Colossians. You can view the service on YouTube. This Sunday we will be sharing Communion together at the end of the service, so please join us by sharing at home. You can download further study material to help you dig deeper into the Bible. Bible Study Colossians 2 For the younger ones we’ve included a video, song & colouring sheet: Rooted in Christ Colossians 2:6 song Colossians 2 v 7 to colour We hope that our service is an encouragement to you. The Lord[…]

Virtual Church 9 August

After a week away it’s great to be back with you for our Virtual Church services this week. This week we are starting a new 4 part series looking at the letter of Colossians. The online worship is available to watch on YouTube. Don’t forget to take a look at the additional study material Bible Study Colossians 1 v 1-14 You can also find a overview of Colossians here. For the younger ones there are a couple of videos & colouring sheet to enjoy. Colossians 1– all about Jesus Song Colossians 1:16-17 colouring Colossians 1 Many Blessings to you all[…]

Virtual Church 26 July

Welcome to our Virtual Service this Sunday. This week we will be looking at the final chapter of Ruth. We pray that the service will be a blessing to you. The service is available to watch on YouTube. After the service you can download further study materials: Bible Study Ruth 4 Adults & kids may enjoy the final part of this animated version of Ruth: The story of Ruth 3 Here is some additional material for the kids: The story of Ruth Song – Every Move I Make Colouring Sheet Ruth 4 colouring Quiz Sheet Ruth quiz We pray that you will[…]

Virtual Church 19 July

Welcome to Great Ashby Community Church Virtual Church. Below you’ll find all the links to our online service plus study material and various things for the kids. We pray that it will be a blessing to you and your family. Sunday Worship Service Study Material for Ruth 3: Bible Study Ruth 3 For adults & kids: The story of Ruth part 2 (of 3) For the younger ones: God’s story – Ruth Song – ask, seek, knock Word Search Ruth word search Colouring Sheet Ruth 3 colouring

Virtual Church 12 July

Welcome to Great Ashby Community Church online. This week we continue our look at the book of Ruth as we turn to chapter 2. You’ll find our Sunday worship online on YouTube. Our service will conclude with Communion so please have ready some bread and juice/wine. For the time being we will be continuing online and will look to return to in person worship once it is safe to do so. Further study material on Ruth 2 can be downloaded for small group or individual use Bible Study Ruth 2 For the younger ones there are videos, songs and activities[…]

Virtual Church 5 July

Welcome to this week’s online church service at Great Ashby Community Church. We are continuing online for the moment as we consider the safest way to open our church service for all our members and friends. You will find this morning’s service on YouTube As we are beginning a new series looking at the book of Ruth, you may find this additional material of interest. Ruth overview I’m with you (Ruth and Naomi’s song) Download the Bible Study Ruth 1 This short cartoon video has a retelling of the story which adults and children will enjoy. The story of Ruth[…]