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Virtual Church 12 July

Welcome to Great Ashby Community Church online. This week we continue our look at the book of Ruth as we turn to chapter 2. You’ll find our Sunday worship online on YouTube. Our service will conclude with Communion so please have ready some bread and juice/wine. For the time being we will be continuing online and will look to return to in person worship once it is safe to do so. Further study material on Ruth 2 can be downloaded for small group or individual use Bible Study Ruth 2 For the younger ones there are videos, songs and activities[…]

Virtual Church 5 July

Welcome to this week’s online church service at Great Ashby Community Church. We are continuing online for the moment as we consider the safest way to open our church service for all our members and friends. You will find this morning’s service on YouTube As we are beginning a new series looking at the book of Ruth, you may find this additional material of interest. Ruth overview I’m with you (Ruth and Naomi’s song) Download the Bible Study Ruth 1 This short cartoon video has a retelling of the story which adults and children will enjoy. The story of Ruth[…]

Virtual Church 28 June

A very warm welcome to Great Ashby Community Church online. This Sunday our service is available to view on YouTube. We hope that you find it a blessing. For further study on Psalm 8 there is our: Bible study Psalm 8 Here are a few videos for the kids on the same theme: Psalm 8 for kids Psalm 8:1 song Psalm 8:3-4 song And here’s a print out colouring sheet: Psalm 8 colouring If you need prayer for anything please email [email protected]

Virtual Church 21 June

Welcome to our Virtual Church. Although we can’t be together in person we still meet every Sunday for our online service on YouTube This week we don’t have a Bible study but we would encourage you instead to spend time in prayer for the healing of our world. Here are some prayer pointers from the Baptist Missionary Society Solidarity-Sunday-prayer-points For anyone struggling with anxiety you can download these Bible Verses to help with anxiety For the kids Give you worries to God Cast your burdens on Jesus colouring 1 Peter 5 v 7 May the Lord Bless you this week[…]

Virtual Church 14 June

A warm welcome to our online service for Sunday 14th June. Our service is available to watch on YouTube. This week we will be sharing Communion together. If you know and love the Lord Jesus please feel free to join in at home with bread & wine/juice. For further study here are some notes Bible study 1 Peter 4 For the younger ones we have some video to watch & a colouring sheet to download. 1-Peter-4-v8_-LOVE_-Colouring-sheet Love one another 1 John 4:7 Love one another – Newsboys We pray that you will be encouraged by our service this week. If[…]

Virtual Church 7 June

A warm welcome to this week’s Virtual Church. We hope that our service is an encouragement to you. Our worship service can be views on YouTube We also have further study material to help you reflect on this week’s theme. Bible Study 1 Peter 3 v 8-18 Here are a few things for the kids to help them take part in church: Helping Others Songs 1 Peter 3:15 Songs 1 Peter 3:18 1 Peter 3 v 15 colouring sheet

Virtual Church 31 May

This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost. While we may not be physically together, we know that the Spirit is with us as we worship this morning. Our Sunday service is on YouTube. We pray that is will be a blessing and encouragement to you all. Please feel free to download our weekly Bible study notes to help you look more deeply into today’s talk. 31 May Bible Study Acts 2 For the younger ones we have Sunday School Teaching videos: God Sends the Holy Spirit Acts of the Apostles: What is Pentecost? Pentecost Songs for the kids: Blowing Winds and Tongues of Flame[…]

Virtual Church 24th May

Welcome to our Virtual Church service for Sunday 24th May As usual you will find our church service on YouTube For further study why not have a look at our weekly Bible Study Acts 1 v 1-11 For the kids we have the following videos and activities Lego Acts 1:1-11 Jesus Ascension Ascension-wordsearch (1) Ascension colouring sheet Thy Kingdom Come From Ascension to Pentecost church around the world are joining together in prayer. Churches Together in Stevenage are posting daily prayer videos. Why not take a look on Facebook?

Virtual Church 17 May

Welcome to our Virtual Church service for 17th May You can watch the whole service on YouTube After the service why not take a further look into Psalm 13: Bible Study Psalm 13 You may also like to have a listen to this song by Chad Dohring song based on Psalm 13 For the Kids Below is some material for the younger ones based on Psalm 13. When you prayers bounce off the ceiling psalm 13 colouring Psalm-13-word-search-puzzle Rend Collective King of me 

Virtual Church Week 8

Welcome to our Virtual Church Service for Sunday 10th May. On this page you will find the link to our Sunday service and a range of activities for the whole family. This Sunday will be joining together on Zoom for Communion at 11am. If you don’t receive our weekly email and would like to take part in Communion please email [email protected] for the link. Sunday Service Bible Study week 8 Activities for the younger ones 1-Peter-ch2-v12-bookmarks Sunday kindness acts Songs for kids and everyone Planet Shakers – nothing is impossible LZ7 this little light on mine