Sunday Services

Sunday Services

What we do on Sundays

10:30am Round Diamond School

We meet in the school hall of Round Diamond School and use some of the classrooms for children and young people’s activities. Chairs, not pews, obviously and there isn’t much stained glass about. Sometimes we sit in rows – sometimes we don’t – it depends what we’re doing. We haven’t got a dress code. We start with coffee and tea and biscuits and sometimes cake at 10.30am. The service proper begins at 10.45am. Generally we aim to finish by 12.00 noon.

Pretty Relaxed

We try to be pretty relaxed and eclectic. We usually have a small worship band, keyboard, bass and drums with other instruments as and when available. Music is most often a mix of contemporary and traditional. Most Sundays there is a recognisable sermon or teaching slot.


Coming from both Baptist and Anglican roots we tend to mix and match quite a lot. So, sometimes Communion looks Baptist, sometimes it looks Anglican. We sometimes get quite liturgical and sometimes we don’t get liturgical at all. Usually there are planned children’s activities and a crèche facility. Children tend to break into their groups after the first ten minutes or so and then return at the end of the service so that we can tell each other what we’ve been doing.

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