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Great Ashby Community Church was set up in October 2006. We are a group of local Christians (mostly Baptists and Anglicans) committed to friendship, worship, discipleship and mission. Our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds. Whether you are new to Great Ashby or a long term resident, have no church background or you used to be an archbishop - we just don't mind!

We consider ourselves to be on a journey of faith. Even though we come from different backgrounds with different life experiences, we have one thing in common: a personal encounter with the God of grace and love. We have discovered that Christianity is not about rules and regulations, but it is about a dynamic relationship with the living God and an exciting journey with Him who loves and cares for us.



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Great Ashby is a new estate and Great Ashby Community Church is a newish Church.

So, we are still learning what it means to be part of a community that is just starting up. We get involved in the community centre, the school and local community groups because we believe it's our responsibility to be part of making living in Great Ashby a life affirming experience.

We have decided not to have a building of our own but to use our homes and local facilities like the community centre and school.


Given that any church can look a bit strange to people who aren't used to it - NO we're not. The two local churches which went with the original idea are both from mainstream church setups in the UK. The major partner, Bunyan Baptist Church has been established in Stevenage since 1897. It is part of both the Central Baptist Association and the Baptist Union of Great Britain. St Nicholas is an Anglican (Church of England) parish church. All three churches are members of Churches Together in Stevenage. So, if you have any concerns about this - check out these links.


Services in the next few months are a mixture of a series based on the book if Acts and 'requests' from those attending the churchon issues of concern. See our Sunday page for details and/or download an outline for January and February here.